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Existing Tenants Information Page

Existing Tenants - we're always happy to help

If you're an existing tenant of one of our managed properties, you can expect friendly and helpful advice with all matters. Where the landlord has chosen to manage the property themselves, you should contact them with any maintenance concerns.  You will have been provided with contact details at the start of your tenancy but if you need the contact details again, please do ask us.

Wish to report a maintenance issue?  We use Fixflo, the online reporting system for repairs. Fixflo's easy-to-use system allows you to upload photos of the issue, helping our contractors to bring the right tools and equipment for the job.  We won't be able to help you over the telephone until the issue has been logged on Fixflo.

Click here to access Fixflo.

Please Note:  Emergencies must continue to be reported to us by telephone. Call us now on 01737 370700.

In an emergency OUT OF HOURS only : Please telephone A1 Heating and Plumbing on 0203 928 0941
Please note that this an outsourced (paid-for) service.  If the matter reported is not an emergency as described below, you may be required to reimburse their call-out charge.

If it is not deemed an emergency, you will be asked to log the issue via Fixflo.

What is deemed an Emergency?  Only threats to the property which require immediate action,
for example:

Gas Leaks
If you smell gas or think there is a gas leak call the Gas Emergency Free Phone Number immediately:  
0800 111 9999

Water & Sewerage Leaks
• Internal flooding from failed plumbing where the leak cannot be contained.
• A leak which is penetrating electrical fittings.
• The loss of all WCs at the property.

If there is a fire, burglary or flooding from an external source please contact the relevant
Emergency Services: Police , Fire Brigade & Ambulance (for Emergencies ONLY) 999 or 112

Power Cut ?
Electricity Emergency Number 0845 770 8090
Flood Line 0845 988 1188

Central heating and hot water supply failures are generally not considered an emergency. You may be  
able to use the electric immersion water heater if you have one. Before requesting a call- out, please check that the failure or fault has not been caused by interruption of the gas /electricity / fuel supply or an incorrect setting of a programmer or thermostat, as the tenant may be will be responsible for the cost of a wrongful call-out for these reasons.


What should I do if a light bulb fails?  It is the tenant’s responsibility to replace light bulbs, florescent tubes, fuses and batteries that fail during the course of the tenancy, at the tenant’s expense.

Who checks the smoke alarms and CO2 alarm? If the smoke alarm(s) and Co2 alarm (if applicable) are battery operated it is the responsibility of the tenant to replace the batteries. Please remember to check these regularly by pressing the test button.

Can I put up pictures, photos or posters?  Please do not use blu-tac, sellotape or the equivalent to hang any posters, pictures or other items in the property. Greasy marks will be left on the wall when removed.  When you have written consent from your agent or landlord please only use commercial picture hooks to fix anything to walls.  Any  
holes or marks made will need to be made good and redecorated as required.

Can I install Cable and/or a Satellite dish at the property?  You must not install Cable and/or a Satellite dish unless agreed in writing prior to the installation. Please email Saunders Lettings if you live in a managed property, otherwise contact your landlord directly for Let Only properties.  Your landlord has the final decision.

What about the phone line?  With the telephone you will need to contact your provider of choice directly to arrange  
transferring the line into your name. All companies will only speak to the account holder directly and so unfortunately this is something we cannot arrange for you.

Who is responsible for the garden?If the property includes a garden then it is the tenant’s responsibility to keep the garden and outside areas of the property in good seasonable order throughout the tenancy.  As the tenant you must cut the grass at appropriate intervals and keep the borders and paths weeded. It is the tenant’s obligation to have the
gutters and rainwater pipes cleared regularly.  Pruning hedges and trees is usually the landlord’s responsibility.  Where it is agreed that the landlord arranges garden maintenance, you should inform us or the landlord (as applicable) of any issues with that Maintenance.Should you have any questions with regards to this please contact your agent or landlord.  

What to do if I am locked out?  Please be aware our offices are open Monday-Friday 9am-6pm and Saturday 9am-4pm. If you find yourself in the unfortunate position  of being locked out, out of office opening hours, you will  
need to make alternative accommodation arrangements for the night or call an emergency locksmith. You will be liable to pay the costs incurred. If the lock needs to be changed you must ensure your landlord/agent has a replacement key/s immediately.

If the property is managed by us, during business hours we should be able to lend you a key, which  
would need to be collected and returned to the relevant Lettings Office.  We will require a cash or  
cleared deposit of £100 for the loan of keys which will be refunded on their return.  If the property is not managed by us, you should contact the landlord.

Do I need insurance?  The landlord covers the Building Insurance. We highly recommend that you take out an insurance policy in respect of your own contents and also accidental damage to the landlord’s contents. We can put you in touch with an insurer if required.


Is your home suffering from condensation? This can cause mould on walls and furniture and make window frames rot. Damp cold housing encourages the growth of mould.  Condensation and /or mould can damage decorated services and furnishings in your home and if deemed avoidable, you may be required for redecoration or the replacement or cleaning of furnishings as a result.

These steps will help you reduce the chance of condensation turning into mould:
Produce less moisture:
• Cover pans
• Dry clothes outdoors
• Vent your tumble dryer to the outside

Ventilate to remove moisture:
• Ensure your property is ventilated. Open windows as often as possible and make sure window vents are left open at all times
• Increase ventilation of the kitchen and bathroom when in use.
• Open doors of cupboards and wardrobes.

Heat your home a little more:
• If possible, keep low background heat on all day, with background ventilation

First steps against mould:  First treat the mould already in your home. If you deal with the basic problem, mould should not reappear.  Initially wipe any moisture that forms, especially on windows with a clean cloth or kitchen towel. This will help prevent condensation turning into mould.  To kill and remove mould, wipe down walls and window frames with a fungicidal wash or diluted bleach solution, which carries a Health and Safety Executive ‘approval number’. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions precisely.

If your Landlord offers a renewal you will then be asked whether you wish to extend your tenancy or not. We will need to know your decision within 14 days of receiving the letter or email.

Not renewing? Once you have informed us that you will be leaving the property at the end of your tenancy you will receive a checkout letter.This letter explains the full checkout process and informs you of the final payment due before you leave. You will be expected to leave the property in the condition that it was found, as explained on your Inventory.

Leaving early? Sometimes due to a house purchase, change of job or other unforeseen circumstances, you may wish to leave the property before the end of your tenancy. Your tenancy is a legally binding contract for a fixed term as stated in your tenancy agreement. If you wish to leave early you will have to agree to terms and  conditions and paying the landlord’s re-letting fees, before you make a final decision.

Your landlord is not legally obliged to accept any offer from you to terminate your agreement. Your application to leave must be put  to us in writing. If this is accepted you will still remain liable for the full share of rent and all related utility bills until a new tenant signs a tenancy agreement and physically moves into the property.

Deposit return? We will inform you within 15 working days of the end of the tenancy if we propose to make any deductions from the deposit. If there is no dispute we will keep or repay the deposit, according to the agreed deductions and the conditions of the Tenancy Agreement. Payment of the deposit or any balance of it will be made within 10 working days of the landlord and the tenant agreeing the allocation of the deposit.

Tenants' Fees?  In line with Government legislation, there are no mandatory charges or fees for you to pay when taking up a tenancy on a property with us.  There would be fees, however in the event of some circumstances during your tenancy.  For instance, there is a charge for pursuing late payment of rent (of 3 days or more) of £60 including VAT (£50 plus VAT) and a further £60 including VAT (£50 plus VAT) for each additional 7-day period.
We are a member firm of The Association of Residential Letting Agents (ARLA) and the National Federation of Property Professionals (NFoPP).

We are also a member of the redress scheme provided by The Property Ombudsman Scheme.

Any rent paid to us is always safe, protected under ARLA's Clients' Money Protection Scheme.